Confessions of a Business Owner

Laura Leyland & Emily Leyland
Why the traditional recruitment model is outdated


I am sure we have all had bad experiences of the recruitment sector.

It is is likely that you have been on one side or another of working with an agency that talks a good game then appears to do the minimum work, charges a high percentage fee and then they disappear the moment the candidate isn't up to the job.

Whether you have experienced poor quality and unprepared candidates for an important role or agencies that don't fully understand and deliver on your needs, it is likely that your experience has been less than impressive.

This is why Laura and Emily set up Fresh Perspective Resourcing. To deliver resourcing with a fresh perspective.

In this webinar, I will chat with Laura & Emily to understand what drove them to start a business delivering a much needed service in such a different way, their purpose and what drives them and their team every day.

They have made mistakes in their first few years but see these as a necessary part of developing as individuals and as a business. People are afraid of failing and they shouldn’t be.

We will also talk about the importance of values and how they have used them to recruit their own team as well as helping their clients recruit.

By watching this previously recorded webinar you will learn:

  • the power of your why and how it will positively impact your business
  • why mistakes are an important part of learning
  • why they chose a different business model
  • why values are important and how to use them to hire & fire
  • how to positively improve your business with a strong why by flowing it through and outside of your organisation

Laura Leyland & Emily Leyland,
Fresh Perspective Resourcing

Laura Leyland and Emily Leyland are the Directors and Co-Founders of Fresh Perspective Resourcing, which is a recruitment business with a few twists on the traditional agency, such as charging for time rather than percentage placements fees.

They’re ambitious and driven, dog-mad, direct, determined and engaging…but they also bring an element of compassion to their work that they haven’t found in many other recruiters. Shaping the Fresh philosophy around humour, fun and positivity, they’re passionate about revolutionising recruitment for the better.

They’ve both had a tumultuous time personally over the years and have some interesting reasons for wanting to set up their own business together, and by their own admission they’ve made a few mistakes along the way that they’ve learnt from. They were inspired from a young age to want to enjoy their work and they’ve learnt how not to lead, manage and run a business from a few of their previous bosses, using that to shape Fresh Perspective into the successful and robust business that it is today.

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