Confessions of a Business Owner

Kelly Tyler
The importance of creating a portfolio style business


Times are changing and businesses need to diversify in order to thrive!

People have the power to create businesses overnight, and with the use of the internet and clever marketing techniques, it’s becoming harder to stand out as the GO TO person in your industry.

This is why portfolio businesses are becoming essential (not creating a property portfolio business!), but creating a product range that gives your customers choice and also allows you to stop swapping time for money!

By watching this previously recorded webinar you will:

  • Understand how to repurpose & digitalise your products
  • Learn how to use writing, speaking & coaching as part of your marketing, products & positioning
  • Stand out from your competition & appeal to different learning styles

Kelly Tyler, Speaker Insight

With a background in psychology, publishing and marketing, Kelly is passionate about supporting others to reach their full potential and spread their message to make a positive impact.

Her career path has included everything from Educational Psychology, Business Consultant, Publisher, Speaker Agent, Marketing Director and Trustee for the College of Psychic Studies, so she understands what is required to be an ‘expert’ in your industry.

This journey has highlighted her strengths in connecting individuals to key people of influence, and creating systems and structure for marketing BIG visions of thought leaders and change agents. Through her speaker agency Stellar Speakers Ltd and consultancy Speaker INsight Ltd, she supports speakers, authors and coaches to help them discover their purpose & core message whilst ensuring they have good positioning, productisation and marketing to create a business ON THEIR TERMS!

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