Confessions of a Business Owner

Emma Stirk
Why it’s never too late to get your legals in place...


It’s never too late to get legal protection. A good lawyer will always be able to help in some way BUT leaving it until the proverbial has already hit the fan is not only risky, it can also end up being extremely costly.

If you’re a business owner focused on running your business then it’s likely that having to deal with legal disputes will not be a welcome distraction. Disputes of any kind cost time, energy and usually money too and whilst you can’t avoid issues, including legal issues cropping up in your business altogether, you can limit the impact they have by ensuring you have the right protection in place.

Throughout the last 18 years of providing legal support to businesses Emma has seen the same issues arise again and again and the consequences when they do.

By ensuring you have the right legal protection and processes in places you can minimise or avoid these issues arising leaving you with the peace of mind and the freedom to keep your focus where it should be… running and growing your business!

In this session Emma will highlight the key critical mistakes she sees business owners make and what can be done to avoid them.

By watching this previously recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • why it's important to read the small print when entering into agreements
  • why you need to set expectations when working with a new supplier or customer
  • why you should protect your content and your cashflow
  • the common mistakes that business owners make and how to avoid them
  • what drives Emma when she is working with clients

Emma Stirk

Emma Stirk is a Best-Selling Author, Certified Life and Business Success Coach, and your ‘go to’ legal expert. 

Not only does she have over 18 years’ experience as a highly successful Solicitor, but she also has firsthand experience of building her own global businesses. 

It’s from these combined experiences and also witnessing firsthand the consequences of not having the correct legal procedures and contracts in place, that Emma realised that far too many business owners were missing the fundamental legal protection leaving themselves, and their businesses, exposed to unnecessary legal risks!

As an entrepreneur herself, like you, Emma understands that running a business can be demanding and putting in place the right legal structures and processes can feel overwhelming and scary (especially when you’re not sure what is actually needed)!

Lack of knowledge, lack of time and lack of clarity can make it easier to do nothing at all, which is totally not the way to build a secure and solid business foundation!

Emma recognised that something needed to be done and knowing she held the specialist legal knowledge, experience and skills required to support business owners with this crucial aspect of their business, she created 'The Law Lounge’- your indispensable legal support offering simple, effective, and easy to understand solutions for a wide range of legal issues!

The Law Lounge prides itself with offering friendly and approachable, clear, cost-effective solutions allowing you to ditch any fear, overwhelm, and worry and instead get complete peace of mind and the freedom to focus on growing your business knowing you’re fully protected with the right legal support in your corner!

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