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Carolyn Hobdey - Why we need to live the right life, not one for others


We so often live our lives against the expectations of others or trying to achieve the socially accepted tenets of ’success’. Carolyn Hobdey believes that we should instead be trying to live the ‘right’ life - the one where we each determine what happiness means to us and one devoid of regret.

By watching this previously recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • Why regret is a wasted emotion
  • What we mean by the ‘right’ life and happiness
  • How to examine your network to understand who is rowing with you versus who is trying to capsize your boat
  • The '5 regrets of the dying' and why we would all benefit from knowing them
  • Why examining the network we have around us is vital to our happiness (and how to do it)
  • Why positivity plays such an important role in happiness and life success

Carolyn Hobdey

Despite 20 years spent building a successful corporate career working for some of the World’s largest employers, Carolyn Hobdey’s personal life had been a mess.

Her progressively more senior roles had earned Carolyn a seat at the boardroom table leading internationally recognisable brands, where she specialised in Human Resources.

With an enviable knowledge of change management, she led a number of cultural transformations, building a reputation for her moral compass and challenge of the unacceptable - describing herself as “the grit in the oyster”.

With a first degree in English, Carolyn supported her practical experience with a post-graduate qualification in HR. Later followed a Masters in Lean Operations at Cardiff where she won their inaugural award for Logistics, Operations & Manufacturing.

Alongside her professional and academic achievements, however, Carolyn was managing huge turbulence at home driven by a lifetime of low self-esteem. Poor health and perpetual heartbreak peppered her personal life whilst she tried to hide her secret.

Mid-2018, Carolyn’s life imploded.

Picking herself up she began to re-assemble the disparate parts of her shattered life but, more challengingly, her identity.

Having put back the accepted tenets of ‘success’, Carolyn realised she no longer wanted the life she’d once had. She founded ‘MayDey’ and began writing about her experiences. Taking everything she’d learnt about change professionally and personally, Carolyn built a business dedicated to helping those wanting to achieve a happy life.

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