Confessions of a Business Owner

Barbara Nixon
How to remove what's blocking you from success


As business owners it's vitally important that we're able to motivate ourselves to get the results we really want and need. However, this doesn't mean that we're immune from getting in our own way, and holding ourselves back.

Therefore, we need to be aware of the different ways we block our own success, and what we can do to correct this behaviour and unlock our future success.

By watching this previously recorded webinar you will learn:

  • Why she started out and what drives Barbara every day in her business
  • Why you're blocking your own success
  • The common blocks that come up time and time again for business owners
  • The small changes that can have a massive impact
  • How to side-step these to unlock future success

Barbara Nixon

Barbara helps Business Owners and Leaders, get unstuck, improve their mindset, grow their confidence and maximise their productivity so they can get the success they really want.

After 20+ years in the People Development arena and helping hundreds of people achieve their potential, Barbara kept seeing amazing people holding themselves back and getting in the way of their own success.

As someone who has been there and worn the t-shirt when it comes to improving her own mindset, she’s now on a mission to help amazing people bust through their comfort zones, prime their mindsets for success and really step into their own power so they can achieve their goals.

After all life’s just too short to play small!

She does this through her one to one and her online work, and she prides herself on teaching the small tweaks that can make MASSIVE results.

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