Are you missing opportunities to connect with your customers?

We all think we’re the best communicators in the world.  

Our customers love us. And they’ll always buy from us rather than our competitors, right?  

When everything was in black and white, and ‘on-line’ was where you pegged your washing out, then maybe. However, the way consumers engage and communicate today has evolved, and so has the competition.

In today’s competitive markets, customers need to be wowed, they need to be actively involved from the word ‘go’. It’s your job to maximise every realistic opportunity to talk to, engage and nurture your prospects and customers. Your goal should be to provide the best customer experience possible for both new and existing customers. In order to do this you need to reassess, and even come up with new, marketing touchpoints.  

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We haven’t yet met a client that couldn’t improve their customer engagement, using their marketing touchpoints. SO, if you want to:  

  •  Increase buying frequency
  •  Improve customer loyalty
  •  Improve existing customer relationships
  •  Attract new customers
  •  Stay ahead of the competition
  •  Better bottom line

You need this guide if you answer yes to one of these questions;  

  •  You’re not regularly speaking to your customers
  •  You’re doing everything as and when you can
  •  You haven’t reviewed your processes (if you have any!) for months
  •  You know you’re missing a trick
  •  You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  •  You want to make a positive change in your business
  •  You want to increase the lifetime value of your customer  
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This guide will enable you to: 

  •  Understand what marketing touchpoints are and why you need them.
  •  Have ten touchpoints to work on and understand where you are on each of them
  •  Have clarity on your priorites and where to start
  •  Put automated processes in place
  •  Be consistent with your marketing
  •  Improve your customer experience  
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