Are you sick of spending money on marketing but not getting results? 

Have you been stung by agencies who promised results but delivered tumbleweed? 

Does thinking about marketing make your brain hurt?

Too many agencies overcomplicate things when they really don't need to. Pushing you toward the latest marketing trends, using jargon that makes no sense, telling you that you need to be doing everything on every platform.

That's all well and good if it gets results, but most of the time, it doesn't. Because effective marketing is about one simple thing – connecting with your customers.

So that's what we're teaching you in this course – how to connect with your customers.

And that means getting back to basics...


By the end of this course you’ll know exactly how to:

  •  Test your concept so you don’t waste money 
  •  Discover your ideal customer
  • Discover your customers’ pains and problems
  •  Stop spraying and praying
  •  Start to market in the way that’s most natural to you
  •  Work with suppliers
  •  Make your marketing targeted and effective  

Here’s what we cover:

Module 1: What is marketing and why do I need it? 

  •  Definition of marketing
  •  Types or marketing
  •  What makes a good brand 

Module 2: You're not the expert

  •  Marketing overwhelm
  •  Jargon busting  

Module 3: What can you do? 

  •  What capability do you have?
  •  Where do you need support?  

Module 4: What are you currently doing?

  •  You will be marketing
  •  Brand consistency
  •  Marketing audit  

Module 5: The customer journey

  •  Meet the superheroes
  •  Where do you need support?

Module 6: Why should anybody buy from you?

  •  Why your story is important 
  •  Understanding customer pain points 
  •  Getting the right testimonial

Module 7: What is your product or service?

  •  Understanding your values
  •  Your three key messages
  •  Building the right proposition definition of marketing 

Module 8: Who are you marketing to?

  •  Know your customer
  •  Build your customer profiles

Module 9: Do you do what you say? 

  •  Market research
  •  Customer feedback
  •  Customer satisfaction  

Module 10: What is marketing and why do I need it?

  •  Start to build awareness
  •  Build your marketing plan  

Module 11: Putting it into practice 

  •  Marketing examples
  •  Importance of copy
  •  Marketing brief 

Module 12: How do you know if your marketing is working?

  •  Testing and measuring  

Plus, we’ve also created some awesome downloads to make sure you nail the marketing for YOUR business as you work through the course.

So what’s stopping you?

Is this course right for you?

Most business owners don't have time to manage both their marketing and their business. But hiring a consultant costs money – money that a lot of businesses just don't have.

That's why we created this first-stage course. It allows you to focus on your marketing at a time and pace that's convenient for you, so it doesn't get in the way of running your business. And it means you don't need to start paying for one-on-one support until you've figured out what support you actually need.  

You still benefit from our decades of experience and knowledge of marketing – we're there with you throughout the course. And once you've finished, you'll have the foundations in place to make your marketing work.

So if you've felt overwhelmed by marketing in the past, you've lost your way when it comes to marketing, or you're just not seeing the results you'd expect from your effort, then this course is for you.


Don't just take our word for it...

"My experience with ThinkSMART Marketing has been outstanding. They came on recommendation and have totally lived up to their billing."

- Carolyn, Founder, MayDey

"ThinkSMART have been brilliant at helping us to put together the key messages that we wanted to convey about our firm’s ethos and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results."

- Juliet Ralph, Co-Founder, Robinson Ralph

Mike Hall is one of the co-founders of ThinkSMART Marketing. With over 30 years industry experience Mike is passionate about helping business owners maximise their marketing investment. And more importantly, keeping it simple. Why complicate? 

Having run a successful agency for somebody else, Mike set-up ThinkSMART Marketing along with Clare-Marie Taylor and Gary King. Together they’ve stood in their customers' shoes for more than 80 years, working with clients such as O2, Dell, Specsavers, Mamas & Papas, Hotpoint and JCB as well as supporting many more entrepreneurs and business owners.