Preparing for exit

In discussion with Richard Coulthard of Ison Harrison Solicitors

In discussion with Richard Coulthard, Director & Head of Commercial Services at Ison Harrison Solicitors.

Only 5% of SME business owners have an exit plan despite the fact that 100% of these owners WILL exit their business at some point.

In my eyes, it makes sense to have an exit in mind and work backwards so you can develop a plan and know whether you are on track or not.

Richard and I explore how SME owners can maximise the value of their business at sale and discuss some of the most popular methods of exit that should be considered when planning.

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Viewers will learn...

  • When to plan for exit
  • The different exit options and their pros and cons
  • The key elements to maximising sale value
  • The mistakes small business owners make
  • What business owners looking to exit should do next

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We dig deep on each of these critical areas and share our insight.

Meet Gary & Richard...

After over 25 years in high-growth businesses delivering results at a senior level, Gary knew he could use his skills to help SMEs.

A straight-talking, no-nonsense Yorkshire man, he now helps business owners to have the freedom to choose how, when and where they work through a range of online and in-person programmes.

Having turned around his business and his lifestyle as a result, Gary now runs three successful businesses and it’s this experience he uses to help other entrepreneurs ditch the guilt, start earning what they are worth, and creating the ability to make choices about how they spend their time.

He creates what many hard-working business owners are missing – the freedom to choose.

Gary holds a key role in the Association of Business Mentors in the UK and regularly engages business and university audiences about building the right business to give freedom and choice.   

Richard brings a wealth of experience across a wide range of legal issues such as corporate and commercial law, litigation, dispute resolution and associated employment related issues. This range of experience means that Richard is ideally suited to advising business on the plethora of legal issues they can face on a daily basis. Richard has previously advised national financial institutions, car manufacturers and an international pharmaceutical company but his passion is for helping local SME’s and Owner Managed Businesses to achieve success through strong legal support and compliance.


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