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Having Gary King speak at your event comes with a warning… the audience will be challenged, involved, inspired and put to work!


Many speakers that focus on business growth and organisational development share their knowledge & theory but Gary takes it one step further, he puts the strategy into action in the room.  With audience participation, he helps businesses really understand their numbers, connect with their purpose and align and engage their whole team.


His straight-talking, practical approach helps business owners to get clarity on their Why, How & When, and shines a light on their pitfalls & blind spots.  This style is very much suited to workshops, as the audience has time to work ON their business and instantly implement the learning – this is what creates the momentum, confidence and focus to enable growth.

Gary speaks at many business events and AGMs, CEO forums and business & trade expos.  All of his keynotes & workshops are bespoke and designed to meet the needs and aspirations of the organisation. 

Previous speaking engagements include...

Gary's keynote was informative, concise, interactive and challenging. I have no hesitation in recommending him to business owners who wish to develop their business for growth.”

— Peter Lynagh, ABLE Academy.

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Why Gary King?

Hailing from Yorkshire, Gary King’s hallmark is his straight talking, no-nonsense approach. His passion for supporting the growth of SME businesses comes with a steadfast belief that success is determined and measured by FREEDOM and choice. His mission is to decrease the heart-breaking high failure rate of SMEs.


A rapidly rising star on the national stage, Gary explains how his ‘Freedom to Choose’ model helps business owners, typically turning over £1-5 million, make sense of how, where & when to invest their time and energy for the best business and personal results.

As he believes that this insight should also be shared with the next generation, he sits on the board of the Young Enterprise Association and works with schools as an Enterprise Advisor to develop their careers strategy.


For small business owners their main focus is with cashflow & time management, but for medium-sized businesses, it’s all about developing talent & remaining agile. That’s why Gary is championing a growing trend of corporates hiring SMEs to outsource areas of specialism, like marketing, product development and operational design amongst others.


In order to have true freedom, all businesses need to have clarity on their purpose, their pricing & income models, their team and their growth & exit strategies. Gary’s keynotes & workshops provide practical advice and implementation for business owners in all of these areas.


His ‘Freedom To Choose’ model was born from a very defining moment and a personal revelation while running his own business. Since then, he’s refined the process and has spent the last twelve years Business Mentoring his clients with online, 1-2-1 and peer group support programmes, as well as launching and running two further profitable businesses.


Gary’s key skill is being able to draw on his corporate and fast-growth SME expertise to dial into the issues holding a company back and then help his clients scale faster by increasing profitability, productivity and flexibility.

Not only does he explain how to do this without compromising lifestyle goals, he explains how it can be done to achieve your personal lifestyle goals.

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One of the best presentations on how to grow an SME business that I've seen in a while, delivered in a language we could understand.

— Mark Winters, NatWest Group

Gary's popular topics include:

Strategy In Action

Business plans are no use when they are written and never reviewed or used to inform decisions.  This session enables business owners to set their Business Growth Indicators & reverse engineer the strategies to achieve them, all whilst aligning the team to the company purpose, vision & values.



  • Create your business strategy on one page
  • Identify and align your business foundations; purpose, values, USP
  • Set your Business Growth Indicators and the team members responsible for them
  • Learn the key business actions linked to sales, marketing, ops, team and finance
  • Feel confident with complete clarity on how to manage your business

Planning In Uncertain Times

We are living in the most uncertain times economically, politically & environmentally, which adds even more weight to getting clarity and confidence with a business plan that offers the flexibility to change.  This session identifies your targets, along with the potential obstacles and mindset sabotages & how you can overcome them, so you can future proof your business.



  • Create flexibility and choice in how your business responds to change in the marketplace
  • Design multiple revenue streams to sustain growth
  • Learn how to adapt your marketing to always find and connect with your ideal avatar
  • Create resilience and a positive mindset

Delivering Sustainable Profit

Knowing where you fit in your marketplace, your USP, your brand reputation are influential factors in your pricing and your perceived value.   This workshop helps business owners understand their pricing system and how they can earn more from these top sales strategies.



  • Position yourself with your marketing and charge your worth
  • Increase profit margins and revenue streams
  • Increase the lifetime value of your customers with increasing the marketing touchpoints

Scaling With Confidence & Clarity

Most business owners dream of recruiting a larger team, expanding their products & services and improving their positioning & pricing.  This workshop enables business owners to level up their systems, sales & marketing, mindset and team in order to grow effectively.



  • Get clarity around your goals & strategy to achieve them
  • Learn how to enable team members to step and take responsibility
  • Understand what to measure to benchmark your success
  • Reconnect to your purpose and get your mojo back
  • Create your own Strategy On A Page which can be used to manage your team

Dream Team Formation

Recruiting & retaining staff that care as much about the business as you do, takes a collaborative, visible, measurable & practical strategy.  This workshop teaches business owners what a Dream Team formation looks like and how every member owns & implements the strategy.



  • Learn how to delegate and who to delegate to
  • Identify what to outsource and how to work with SMEs
  • Create a strategy that is created and co-owned by team members
  • Align the team to the company purpose, values and vision

The Entrepreneurs Trap

Many business owners discover early on that they’ve created the wrong business model as they feel trapped by their company.  They pay themselves last, sacrifice all their spare time and invest all of their emotion and energy into running it.  Discover in this session how to create more time, more money & more choice.



  • Identify if you are building the RIGHT business
  • Learn how much additional income will give you freedom
  • Create a business model that enables flexibility and multiple streams of income
  • Reconnect to your WHY and build a business that supports it