Confessions of a Business Owner

Sally Roberts
How to be a 'Sales Ninja'


To sell or not to Sell, that is the question? Are you questioning your approach to selling right now? Are you confused by the conflicting expert advice?

Perhaps you'd prefer not to be 'selling' at the best of times? The fact remains that you have to sell to generate business!  

In the back of your mind, you know that you need to maximise opportunity right now, but you are unsure exactly how. How do you get into prime position when the business landscape reignites and your audience is ready to buy?

Sally Roberts of Fun Training for Results has been a top sales professional throughout her career and in this session will discuss:

  • What drives Sally to make a difference to the businesses she works with
  • Why selling is such a dirty word
  • How you can build relationships so clients want to buy

By watching this previously recorded webinar you will:

  •  Learn how to prospect brilliantly
  •  Understand how to effectively network
  •  Learn how to be ready to hit the ground running when lockdown lifts!
  • Understand how to build a solid pipeline of leads
  • Learn how to be confident at selling

Sally Roberts, Fun Training For Results

Selling and Customer Service is what Sally knows best!

Born in Leeds, she studied at Oxford where she began a career in media. This was in the days when newspapers were page set on a press and ISDN lines were the new big thing. A move to London saw her become Sales Training Manager for United Advertising. It was here, in the 1980s, where Sally learned to be different, use fun, music, and whatever else it took to engage and delight delegates.

A move to Harrogate and a successful sales career Sally and her colleagues were asked to attend a sales training course. It was dull, classroom, long, boring and it simply did not work.

This inspired Sally to establish Fun Training For Results, specialising in sales, customer service training. Sally ’s training is unique, engaging, fun and different. No clock watching, no copious note taking or PowerPoint overload. With Sally, you do things, you have fun, you remember and you use what you have learned. It’s the results that matter!

When not delivering Fun Training, Sally can be found in her garden, with a coffee in one hand and a trowel in the other.

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