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Every week, I send out a 60 Second Snippet.  An email that shares stories, tips and tools from my SME interactions and content consumption. It's to help busy business owners like you to make better decisions on your journey.

They usually arrive into your inbox around 07:30 on a Thursday, unless I haven’t got myself sorted for the week or I am on holiday somewhere.

Nobody wants to read long, boring, repetitive blogs and emails - you know the ones.  You close the email with the intention of reading later but the reality is that inbox Zero or you switching off is more important so you hit the delete button and it's gone forever.

The 60 Second Snippets are designed to tell a story, provide you with, or remind you of something you should be doing to move your business along at pace, and will take you no more than (yes you guessed it) 60 seconds to consume.

No verbiage. No thoughts of "I’ll read that later" then never do. No thoughts of “WTF is he on about this week/ month?”.

And if they become a chore, or you have achieved all of your goals and ambitions in life and don't need tips, you can simply unsubscribe using your pinky.

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