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To help busy business owners like you make better decisions, every week I share stories, tips and tools in a 60 second snippet. 

Nobody wants to read long, boring, repetitive blogs or emails - you know the ones, you close the email with the intention of reading later but the reality is that you get distracted with other things and later never comes.  


The 60 Second Snippets are designed to tell a story, provide you with or remind you of something you should be doing to move your business along at pace, AND it will take you no more than... (yes you guessed it) 60 seconds to consume.


In your 60 Second Snippet emails you’ll find topics such as – 

·       How do you get your prospects from pending to spending 

·       Who do you talk to when it gets lonely

·       When does client retention start

·       Why customer feedback is like gold dust

·       Should I put my prices up

·       How to find more profitability during tough trading conditions 

·       Why a goal without a plan is just a wish


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